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I love to craft and create and write, so it seemed natural to start a blog.   Feeding into the creation of this blog is that I recently turned 30 and would like nothing more than to stay at home and care for my girl.  If I clicked my heels three times and was granted my perfect life I’d have more children and spend my days crafting and cooking for my family.   When I was younger I had iron clad goals.  I knew, with all the arrogance of 21 year old beginning her career, what my future would hold.  Now I know I should be looking for more professional challenges, and I just can’t bring myself to care.  The only goal I am passionate about now is my family.  I’m struggling with whether or not that should depress me…

I have some small skill in a number of areas.  I love to cook, sew, knit, spin, weave and will try just about anything.   I appreciate the beauty in small things and love it when something pretty sneaks up on me.

My daughter’s daycare gave me this impatiens in a baby food jar decorated by my 17 month old.  I have tried many times to grow flowers in my fairly dimly lit kitchen window and failed.  But this little impatiens has grown and bloomed all summer long, and it makes me smile everyday.