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The Halloween Costume All Together


Flowered Gnome Skirt

The last part of the costume to make was the flowered skirt. I had bought all the materials last year and even cut out some of the pieces. As you might imagine a 10 month old and a 22 month old don’t wear the same size. So I fudged it and basically cut out a third trapezoid piece and sewed them all together. The skirt is a little too big and has a thick waistband that can be folded over like a yoga skirt.

The flowers I cut out of some flannel and simply sewed onto the skirt with a zigzag stitch…same with the yellow dot in the middle. They aren’t perfect but at least they don’t look like eggs. I did add suspenders out of tubes of yellow fleece but they were bulky and wouldn’t lie flat. So I took the suspenders off and I think the outfit looks just as good without it.